The WiGo Trips Team

We are a team of social engineers creating a new model of travel that will empower people to live deeper, richer, and more intention driven lives through travel.


These are the people who make WiGo Trips great!

Jaqui McCarthy


An entrepreneur with a mission to create solutions that will enhance the human condition through technology, Jaqui is a deep believer in the power of cultivating interpersonal relationships. She's had a lifelong curiosity of understanding human behaviors and interactions. A passion which was furthered through a BA in business development and human relations, and graduate studies in research psychology, business development, organizational design and industrial psychology. Jaqui also brings 13 years professional experience studying consumer and business interaction with technology, analyzing the social effects of the iOT to predict market trends and shifts. Jaqui is the founder of four companies, two peer to peer communities, co founded a women's empowerment group, and assisted in creating business development strategies for four additional companies.

Adam Coulon


Adam Coulon is an application engineer living in Austin, TX. He’s got a passion for the world and the art that is computer science, and often finds himself thinking about where to work from next. Adam is a member of the digital nomad community of distributed workers around the world and is an advocate for cultural and communication exchanges. He’s also an advocate for a healthy work life balance and works hard to maintain a positive environment for everyone at WiGo. Adam graduated from Purdue University with a degree in aeronautical engineering and participated in international research programs across Asia and Europe. While pursuing a Masters Degree in Computational Science and Engineering (Aerospace) at Georgia Institute of Technology, Adam was captivated by the world of program, changed course and transitioned to a career as a professional software developer.

Rebecca Hasbrouck


An ambitious change agent, Rebecca is a go-getter who actively pursues challenges and incorporates travel into all aspects of life. She brings with her a heavy background in non-profit and startup experience along with strong project management and leadership skills. From taking on the role of as liaison, curating marketing campaigns, or raising millions of dollars in funding, Rebecca drives the movement. After running corporate operations on the East Coast, Rebecca needed a change and left to pursue an operations and outreach role for a women's wellness start-up In Colorado. Today Rebecca serves as the WiGo COO and second in command, managing operations and overseeing the team and projects. While not working, she can be found around the globe teaching yoga to climbing groups. Rebecca holds a BA in Psychology, an MA in Counseling.

Chelsea Weiser

Director of Buzz

As the Director of Buzz, Chelsea is responsible for generating buzz around WiGo while generating enthusiasm and growing a team of mission driven story tellers. ​Chelsea is a strategic and creative connector who embodies the adventurous aura. She spreads her wanderlust through captivating graphics, social communications and establishing relations. Chelsea's uplifting spirit and movement inspires her natural leadership abilities while gaining a following. Chelsea’s background includes 9 years of marketing and sales, 9 years design, and 2 years of live event organization and promotion. Chelsea also brings with 2 years of experience as representative for World Ventures, a billion dollar lifestyle club within the travel and technology space, where she was responsible for building her own sales channel of travel professionals.

Mohanie Cheeks

Marketing Intern

Mohanie is a high school student at Park Hill High School in Kansas City Missouri and is currently serving as a Marketing Intern at WiGo Trips. As a military child, Mohanie grew up well traveled, which has given her an edge having worked with various cultures and people from around the world. Fascinated by people and capturing moments, she has taught herself cinematography, a skill that she wishes to further as she aspires to be a CEO of her own production company… or neurologist.


Our biggest supporters

Reuben Levinsohn

Financial Advisor

Reuben has been a serial entrepreneur since his sophomore year at Michigan State University. His first successful exit was at age 30 from an early stage home improvement franchise. Since then he has built a portfolio of various businesses including a craft coffee shop, commercial real estate development, investment properties, as well as several other startups that he actively advises and invests in, ranging from Travel to EdTech to FinTech. Reuben and his business partner run a thriving financial practice focusing on the unique needs of founders and their teams in early and growth stage businesses. Besides angel investing and mentoring or judging at regional pitch events, Reuben enjoys adventure trips, ultra-light backpacking, fly fishing, and flying.

Jon Armitage

Marketing Advisor

Growth and marketing strategist with a background at some of the largest global digital companies, as well as early stage disruptor businesses with roles at the likes of Google, Expedia and Trunk Club. He also acts as a start up advisor and coach to various companies looking to transform the customer experience through technology. Jon is now part of an investment fund assessing opportunities across online consumer industries and brings a passion for the travel space and a keen eye and interest in being part of the next big story. Assisting with growth strategy, Jon serves as marketing advisor for WiGo Trips.

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